Kaniksu Internet + Laser Image

Bonner County's Premier Internet Provider

Welcome to Kaniksu!

Kaniksu is excited to announce that we are joining with Laser Image. The combination will allow Kaniksu Internet to offer faster speeds, more coverage areas, increased reliability and fiber internet to more people.

We are excited to get to know all the Laser Image customers, and are committed to living up to the same standards that Joel and Lynne Whitaker set when they started Laser Image 14 years ago. As a local small business in Bonner County, we understand that people are not just customers, but our neighbors and friends. As a local business, we strive to treat all our customers as such.

Any change brings uncertainty, we’re committed to staying connected to our customers to ensure we have your best interest in mind. As part of building our relationship with you, we want to make a few promises:

  • We will do our best to live up to the Joel’s mission to ‘treat customers as people’, this aligns with our already existing value of ‘Customers First: Focus on the customers and all else will follow.’
  • For at least one year, we will honor any current commitments you have with Laser Image. We won’t make changes to your existing plans or prices (unless you want to).

About Kaniksu Fiber

Kaniksu Fiber is coming to many parts of Sagle! Fiber is already available in Clark Fork and Parts of Hope.

"I cannot express how grateful I am for these past 14 years. Each and everyone of you has allowed me to have a business in North Idaho that I am proud of and relationships I would never have known. For that, thank you. I look forward to the future with Ryan and where he may take things. Thank you again, it has been my privilege."

Joel Whitaker, Laser Image

"We started Kaniksu Internet in 2018 to bring better internet to the Hope area where we live. As we expanded, we were glad to meet Joel, a fellow rural Internet Service Provider whose main focus was to provide great internet service to our community. Over the years, we have collaborated with Joel on projects and referred customers to each other. We’re truly impressed with what Joel and Lynne have built, and we plan to live up to their reputation of service and reliability. "

Ryan & Bekah Green, Kaniksu

Kaniksu Benefits

More Relay Locations

More relays mean more coverage area, and the ability to provide better connections.

Faster Speeds

Expect faster speeds at many of our new and existing relay locations.

Increased Reliability

The combined network will allow for increased reliability at many locations.

Fiber Internet

Over 85 miles of fiber in Sagle, including nearly all areas east of Hwy 95.

Expanded Support

Kaniksu offers 24/7 tech support for any internet issues that may occur.

Kaniksu Phone Service

Save money and enjoy more features with home phone service just $19.99 + tax.