Great Internet, Great Equipment

Things to consider to ensure you have the best internet experience

Equipment Options

What Equipment Do I Need?

Wireless Router

The wireless router is the key to connecting all your wireless and wired devices. A good performing, properly configured router will ensure that your connection is working optimally. Wireless routers that are not configured correctly can cause slow speeds and intermittent service which means more buffering when watching videos, playing games or even working.

We recommend a router purchased from Kaniksu, as we can ensure everything is setup correctly, and that nothing is interfering with our wireless or fiber equipment outside. We'll setup your router for you, and often can troubleshoot things remotely, getting you back online quicker, and without a visit in person by a tech.

Kaniksu Cares

Our optional Kaniksu Cares program ensures that your wireless router and other provided equipment is working optimally all the time.

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  • Bring Your Own Device

    While customers are free to use their own routers, Kaniksu strongly encourages customers to use one supplied by us, to ensure full compatibility and a better overall experience. If you do opt to use your own, please remember the following-

    • When using a Kaniksu supplied router, many support related issues can be resolved over the phone, no onsite visit required, and a quicker resolution time.
    • Internet support typically stops at the radio outside the house.
    • Kaniksu would be unable to offer assistance with things like wifi name and password changes.
    • For best speeds and reliability, please ensure your wireless router is an "AC" or an "AX" model router. Older routers will not be supported or installed by Kaniksu installers. Call us if you have any questions.