Home Security

Kaniksu Internet recognizes that for some in the community that Lake Pend Oreille is a second home. Let us help you to enjoy peace of mind when you are away from home. We can assist you in planning, installing and monitoring your home and property while away.

Kaniksu Internet offers a 24/7 security monitoring service, that will alert the appropriate people in the case of unauthorized access to your property or home. Using your reliable Kaniksu internet service, you will be able to monitor and log who is coming and going from your property. Use cameras to not only ensure your home is secure, but to view current conditions at your home away from home.

Home Automation

Combine home security with home automation and you'll enjoy a truly smart home that will increase your comfort at home or away. Have your home automatically adjust the temperature to the perfect setting before you arive home, and have it adjust to an economical setting when you leave. Forget to lock your door when you left? No worries, create rules that will automatically lock or unlock when you leave or arrive.

Kaniksu Internet can consult you on all the latest smart devices, help you install and configure them in your home. Once installed and configured, we will assist you in monitoring and of course provide support as necessary for your new smart home.